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'The King & I' as the Kralahome - National Tour

kingandi01.jpg (39641 bytes)

'The Brave' as Hocine - (with Maurice Roeves and Eleanor David) - Bush Theatre, London

brave01.jpg (82253 bytes) brave02.jpg (73492 bytes) brave03.jpg (77147 bytes) brave04.jpg (75466 bytes)

'Safe In Our Hands' as Roland - Belgrade Theatre, Coventry

safeinourhands01.jpg (59250 bytes) safeinourhands02.jpg (51080 bytes) safeinourhands03.jpg (59191 bytes) safeinourhands04.jpg (63867 bytes)

'Romeo & Juliet' (1996) as Prince Escalus - Kravis Centre, West Palm Beach, Florida

romeoandjuliet01.jpg (59366 bytes)

'Hair' (with Marius Monkau, Scotty and others) 

hair01.jpg (67239 bytes) hair02.jpg (55638 bytes)

'A Lesson From Aloes' (1983) - Liverpool Playhouse Studio Theatre

alessonfromaloes1.jpg (61528 bytes)

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